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Political espionage soars to new heights - Malaysia Kini

VOXPOP 'Wee, are you sure you want to blame your enemies in MCA for this? Shouldn't you blame DAP or other opposition parties?'

Hexacopter with candid camera films Wee's house

vox populi small thumbnailFerdtan: It is an amateurish act to snoop on MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong using a 'toy aeroplane'. It either comes from his internal party rivals or some unknown enemies out to destroy his reputation.

Don't tell us that the plotters came up with this hare-brained idea hoping to catch Wee in a compromising situation like MCA president Chua Sok Lei found having sex with a woman who was not his wife?

Such airborne 'toy' cannot see through doors so they have to be used in the open. So do these perpetrators know more than we do? If it is true, Wee, you are a naughty, naughty man.

Hello: My belief is that the copter video is more for criminal purposes. And if this is the case, it is a by-product of MCA's support for BN policies, where the police are diverted to carrying out political duties rather than looking after the safety of the people.

Headhunter: This looks like a stake-out on his house for the purpose of a planned robbery. I'd take precaution if I were him. These days, robbers are more ambitious and are going for high stakes.

And who has more money than BN politicians, I ask you? Now he knows how the rest of us live in fear every day because of the failure of the BN government to do its job in protecting us.

Anonymous_40f4: Wee, as a public figure representing the rakyat, should not be living in super posh Bukit Kiara, where the houses there cost millions of ringgit.

Wee, the politician, should be staying in Air Hitam among the poor and illiterate where he was begging for votes recently.

Opah: MCA never ceases to amaze me. The party is in the process of terminal decay, from a proud founding member of the ruling coalition to a mosquito party, and yet its leaders are busy spying on one another. Carry on, MCA, carry on.

Mob1900: We are more enraged at the politician's monthly repayment of RM8,796 for his house, which means he's making three to five times that amount by just being a half-past-six politician. It proves that you don't need to have anything to be a BN politician, just the right cronies.

Enuf: Wee, would you mind disclosing how you can afford to pay RM8.800 per month for your housing loan?

If I am not mistaken, housing loan should be maximum of one-third of your income. So if that's the case, your minimum salary should be RM25,000 per month. So, what job are you in again?

WangMalaysia: Drama, ha-ha-ha. My, what other stories will they cook up next to deflect from issues which we should be focussing on resolving.

Anonymous_3e86: Wee, are you sure you want to blame your enemies in MCA for this? Shouldn't you blame it on DAP or other opposition parties? Umno and Perkasa would have blamed it on DAP, for sure.

Toffeesturn: "This vile and vulgar means is the greatest insult to the politics of our country," said Wee.

He should have realised this long long ago. After all, he is in MCA and this is their brand of politics. As you make your bed, so shall you lie on it, Mr Wee.

Sanjeevan's dad locks horns with cops over bullet

Odin: (MyWatch chairperson R Sri Sanjeevan's father) P Ramakrishnan, I am not sure if you or someone close to you will get to read this, but here is something very important.

Before you pass the bullet on to the police, I hope you have taken a series of close-up photographs of its longitudinal sides with a good camera. 'Good camera' and not one of those automatic ones. Take enough shots to cover the entire circumference.

When you fire off your handgun and the bullet speeds out of the barrel, tiny scratches are made on it by the surfaces of the latter (the barrel). Each handgun causes different patterns to be made on bullets fired off with them.

You can prove that a certain handgun and no other has been used to fire off a particular bullet by firing off a new bullet with that handgun and compare the two bullets.

Bukit Aman may switch bullets. And should the handgun that has been used to shoot at your son be located, a test conducted with it will produce negative results - to your great loss, of course.

Sa Tombs: When there is a well-founded suspicion as to the honesty and integrity of the PRDM (Royal Malaysia Police) in Negeri Sembilan there is a very real prospect of the bullet being switched, especially if it was from a police-issued weapon.

Ask the police what they do with revolvers that have been seized and or found in the custody of criminals. The courts often say "exhibits to be given to the police for disposal".

Does anyone supervise the disposal or are these weapons recycled to the underworld. The PRDM are a law unto themselves and should be held accountable for their actions.

They are more interested in sedition, etc, instead of raising their standards and integrity.

Vijay47: Since when did the police enter the operation theatre in the course of their investigations? Maybe they all suddenly became doctors. Is there nothing sacred and decent anymore to the police?

Joker: The IGP (inspector-general of police) and home minister are silent. Police bullying a sick and helpless Malaysian.

Sanjeevan's family should sue the hospital for allowing police to disturb patients after visiting hours and for leaking private patient-doctor medical information to a non-relevant party.

The hospital is also negligent to the well-being of the patient for allowing unwelcomed parties to enter the operating room during surgery.

Anonymous #708871335: Ramakrishnan, you are one fearless old man who stand up to the PDRM to demand justice for his son.

MyWatch advisor S Gobikrishnan, you too are a human of the fearless material, getting involved despite knowing the might of PDRM. I salute you both extraordinary, ordinary people.

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